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Gout Symptoms Treatment - How to Cure Gout

Gout or gouty arthritis is a disease that presents itself with joint swelling, due to high levels of excess uric acid which crystallizes into one's joints, causing pain and making free movement extremely difficult during a gout attack. This article will provide you with information on gout symptoms treatment which will help you be pain fee and prevent future attacks.

The first and really easy to use remedies are cherries. No matter if they are sweet or sour, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, these reduce the amount of uric acid production and thus relieve the pain. Ideally you will want to eat from a couple to half a pound of cherries a day. If you're not to keen on eating raw cherries, you could take one tablespoon cherry juice concentrate a day.

Another thing you will want to consider is your diet. Purines are accounted for more than 50% of all gout attacks. Purines can be found in meat and sea food. So, ideally, you will want to avoid consuming herring, anchovies, sweetbreads, brains, kidney, sardines, meat gravies, meat extracts and organ meats. Keeping purine intake low, will be an invaluable aid in preventing future attacks.

As you can see, gout symptoms treatment can be all natural, and at hand. You will also want to be careful to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, since water helps flush out excess uric acid in your body. If you follow the above advices, monitor your diet and stay healthy, avoid consuming products with high levels of purines, then gout will be a bad memory in no time

What is Arthritis? Rheumatoid Arthritis and Prognosis of Osteoarthritis Symptoms & Treatments

Arthritis is a common disease in the modern world. It has been a disease known since the ancient periods of time and is never referred to a single disease. The arthritis, in general, is an inflammation of the joints with numerous conditions attached to it. This is the only reason why it is being mentioned as a group of conditions. There are various forms of arthritis but the root case is the same in all cases.

What is the root case?

What is arthritis? This question often arises in our minds. The root case in arthritis is that there is inflammation of the human joints that resorts down to tautness, bumps and agony. Arthritis may cause enough stiffness of the joints and it might result into life threatening situations. Arthritis must be well looked after and any signs and symptoms must be reported to the physician without any negligence. Any sort of negligence might result into muscle damage, bone damage and also damages to the internal body parts.

The most common cases of arthritis are the rheumatoid arthritis and the osteoarthritis. No matter whatever may be the form of arthritis, the fact of the matter remains the same that arthritis can affect a human body at all ages? The rheumatoid arthritis is a typical form of the arthritis that results due to the faulty immune attacks on a human body. The rheumatoid arthritis is therefore an "autoimmune disease "which generally causes joint pain, swelling, stiffness and joint dislocation. The rheumatoid arthritis is a difficult disease when it comes to diagnosis and the most common cause is the hereditary presence or the genetic factor.

Osteoarthritis is the other most common case of arthritis in human beings. Osteoarthritis is a disease featuring degeneration of joints and most often lead into swelling, pain and tenderness of joints. Any king of gravity pressure leads into wear and tear and thus physical damage to the human joints. If you are interested to know the prognosis of osteoarthritis, symptoms, treatments and causes then you must go through the following sections.

The causes of osteoarthritis may be varied and dynamic according to human beings. There are abounding causes of osteoarthritis, which comprise endocrine cause or diabetic problems, metabolic malfunctions, anatomical abnormalities, or congenital causes, inflammatory joints, post traumatic causes, genetic causes, improper nutrition and also from the improper functioning of the nervous system.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis are specific and affect the fingers, spines, hips and knees. The fingers are affected with swollen and reddish enlargements. The hip joints are severely affected and this occurs mostly among men. The knee joints are affected in many individuals by excessive squatting. The spine is affected with weakness of the legs and arms.

The treatments that follow in case of osteoarthritis are essentially bringing down the weight, providing nutritious diet, antioxidants, vitamins, Acetaminophen, hot or warm baths and through artificial devices known as orthoses. The prognosis of osteoarthritis, symptoms, causes and treatments must have been clear by now with all those features discussed.

Yeast Infection - Symptoms Treatment

You will generally find that the symptoms of a yeast infection will differ dependent on where on the body the infection is. Most people associate a yeast infection with the vagina of a woman but in actual fact the infection can occur on a man's penis in the same way as well as the breasts, in between rolls of fat on the body as well as under the fingernails as well.

When looking at a yeast infection symptoms treatment on a woman you will generally notice that the symptoms tend to be irritation of the area as well as a nasty discharge and also a fair bit of pain and swelling. The same symptoms have been noted on men as well and with regards to other areas of the body, the itching and pain will still be common.

There are a number of treatments that you can opt for if you have a yeast infection and some of these may be natural remedies while others will be over the counter versions that can be bought from pharmacies and other such places. More pronounced infections or those that do not go away with the usual treatment may also require topical creams or lotions that are prescribed by a medical professional as well as tablets that can be given, usually antibiotics.

Yeast infections have a nasty habit of coming back with a vengeance once you have experienced one at one point. For infections like these that return with no prior warning, it is very often a good idea to look preventative measures such as keeping the area clean and dry to make sure that the bacteria and fungus do not have the prime conditions.

Tinnitus Symptoms Treatment - Medication Or Natural Remedies For Tinnitus?

Over 50 million Americans have tinnitus symptoms. Of these around 12 million seek medical help, and, about 2 million are unable to function properly due the severity of their tinnitus symptoms. Treatment normally consists of drug-based medication, hearing aids / audio maskers, biofeedback, counselling, etc. But still 93% of sufferers never experience relief from their tinnitus symptoms.

There are 2 types of tinnitus: subjective and objective tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus is by far the most common and is used to describe the situation where only the tinnitus sufferer hears the sounds. Even with a special audio instrument a doctor cannot hear them. But objective tinnitus is where both the sufferer and the doctor can hear the sounds.

Tinnitus symptoms vary from person to person, but are described as being, hissing, whooshing, knocking, humming, clicking, ticking, booming, etc. Although these are normally referred to as the symptoms of tinnitus, they really are the symptoms of some other problem or condition. In other words tinnitus is not really a medical condition at all, it is just the symptom of some underlying problem.

Some of the sources of these problems that cause tinnitus are, inner ear / auditory nerve damage, noise-damaged hearing, head trauma, whiplash, meniere's disease, otosclerosis, blocked eustachian tube, hypertension, allergies, stress.

Mainstream treatment using drugs and / or audio maskers, etc. mainly try to reduce or mask the symptoms. Things like counselling and support groups try to help you cope with your tinnitus symptoms. But the key is to address the underlying conditions.

Which is why more and more sufferers are searching for more natural remedies and techniques, such as Ginkgo biloba which helps improve blood flow to the brain. And there are others like cutting-out / reducing salt, alcohol and caffeine intake to lower blood pressure. Plus, of course, reducing stress through a daily exercise regime and other special techniques. There are a lot more to find out about and to try out.

Luckily there's one tinnitus (cured) sufferer who has already gone through this whole process. It took over 2 years of research, testing and development, but, the outcome is a proven alternative treatment for tinnitus with a 80% success rate (compare that with the 93% who don't get relief using traditional methods) and very many satisfied ex-tinnitus victims worldwide. At its heart is a series of 11 secret techniques to stop the ringing. And the beauty for folks like yourself who just want to get their life back on track fast, is you just download them straight to your computer.

Now, if you are certain you can go along with your tinnitus as it is just now, then it probably isn't so bad that you need to do anything else. Just continue with whatever your doctor recommends.

A Guide on Scabies Symptoms Treatment

Scabies is a type of skin infection in which the skin is infested by the Sarcoptes Scabiei mite. The primary symptom and characteristic of the disease is intense itching that happens usually at night. Timely scabies symptoms treatment is very important to prevent it spreading to other people.

The scabies infection happens when a scabies mite burrows into the skin of a person. When the mite burrows in, it lays some eggs on the surface of the skin. After some days the eggs start to hatch and the mites begin to move on the skin.

Commonly the scabies happen in the genital areas, it also happens between the fingers. In infants the infection usually happens on the palms and soles. Usually itching happens in the affected area. The other symptoms of the disease include some acne-like irritations. Some zig-zagging burrows can also appear on the skin. These burrows look like little blisters and rashes.

These symptoms usually appear on areas like elbows, hands, knees and genitals. In females the infection can also appear over the breasts. In some people it can appear right between the shoulder blades where it is difficult to reach.

The skin itches even more at night or after a hot water bath. This is result of the increased activity of the parasite that happens due to the greater warmth generated by the body.

The most effective scabies symptoms treatment or remedy involves the application of certain pastes. This paste is prepared by mixing up two teaspoons of sublimed sulphur in eight tablespoon of the coconut oil. Other remedy is to soak the whole body for 20 minutes in a warm bath with a plenty of soap. The areas where the itching is happening should be scrubbed thoroughly. After taking the bath the sulphur paste, should be rubbed over the entire surface of the skin over the affected areas.

This has to be done for at least 3 successive nights. Also throughout the period the same under-clothing should be worn. After 10 or 12 hours of the last application, the patient should take a hot soap bath and wear a clean under and outside clothing. Another remedy is to use Neem paste. The patients can also apply the dried Bark of Peepul Tree on the infected area. A mixture of drumstick oil and sesame seed oil can also be applied.

All clothes that remain next to the skin like undergarments, bed sheet, pillow covers have to be boiled in hot water. Through this remedy the infection can be stopped from spreading to other people. Scabies symptoms treatment, if done on time can cure the problem and eradicate it from the root.

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Yeast Infection Symptoms Treatment - Self Help Methods

Most of the yeast infections are caused by candida, a microorganism, and treatment for such infections depends on the nature of its occurrence and the condition & sensitivity of your skin. The major symptom of the infection in your body starts with a red rash on your skin which may become scaly after sometime.
In this article, you'll discover the yeast infection symptoms treatment and remedies to take proper care of your skin and get rid of the infection.

Yeast Infection Symptoms Treatment at home

  • The first step towards curing the infection is to know and eliminate the reason for its occurrence. When your skin is sweaty, the sweat gets trapped in the skin folds, which should be immediately cleaned and dried to prevent it from being infected by yeasts. Nystatin powder, an anti-yeast product, can be used to treat and cure any condition of yeast in the skin. Similarly, for curing the oral thrush (yeast infection in the mouth), boric acid powder in the form of capsules can be used. Both Nystatin and boric acid capsules can be bought at your local pharmacy. The dosage per day depends on the condition of infection, so be careful not to take too much of them.
  • The best home remedy for the problem is the use of yogurt as it has live bacterial properties that can cure the infection. The good bacteria contained in the yogurt can restore your skin back to normal within a week if consumed with other effective treatment methods.

The above yeast infection symptoms treatment methods include antibiotics and natural methods, both work 100% well.

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Linda is an expert health consultant, nutritionist and medical researcher who dedicated her life to creating yeast infection treatments that cure the root of candida permanently and improve the quality of your life naturally without the use of any drugs or prescription medicines, and without any side effects.

She has written an eBook that has over 150 pages of natural treatment, precautions and safety cures. You will learn a unique 5-step method in this ebook that will help you get relief from any yeast infection within hours.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Treatment

Although it is still considered to be very experimental there is a new multiple sclerosis symptoms treatment that is showing high levels of success. This new type of treatment does not involve any form of medication that can have serious side effects or major surgery that can be very risky. It involves the use stem cell therapy. In clinical trials the success rate has shown a lot of promise. In fact stem cell treatments are showing great promise with several other diseases that cause demyelination of the spinal cord.

Stem Cell and Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Treatment

While there are several different cells that have been shown to help with the treatment of multiple sclerosis symptoms, there is one that has been found to show more promise than the rest. The stem cell labeled CD34+ that can be found in embryonic tissue, umbilical cord blood and areas such as the bone marrow of an adult. This particular stem cell has the ability to migrate to the damaged areas and affect the necessary repairs.

Even more importantly is another cell known as CD133 that actually balance the immune system and has the ability to change into neuroprotective glia, oligodendrocytes and astrocytes. These are all cells that are capable of creating myelin. These two stem cells are a very potent combination that has been found to be very effective in the remyelination of the damaged spinal cord and brain covering.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Really Successful in Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Treatment?

Among those who have been involved in SC research, it has been found that the use of these stem cells has shown great promise. They have been found to help the human body in the repair of the glial cells that are damaged or completely destroyed by multiple sclerosis. It should also be noted that it is recommended that stem cell therapy be used in conjunction with other holistic approaches to providing successful treatment for MS.

Among the various forms of natural multiple sclerosis treatment recommendations are anti-virals, nutritional supplements, anti-oxidants, growth factors and heavy metal detoxification programs. Once you undergo stem cell treatment you will have to avoid products such as sodium glutamate, alcohol and cortisone which can inhibit stemcell regeneration. As stated success rates show promise and it is hoped that this form of treatment will soon become available in countries other than China, which is currently the only country offering it.