Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Treatment

Although it is still considered to be very experimental there is a new multiple sclerosis symptoms treatment that is showing high levels of success. This new type of treatment does not involve any form of medication that can have serious side effects or major surgery that can be very risky. It involves the use stem cell therapy. In clinical trials the success rate has shown a lot of promise. In fact stem cell treatments are showing great promise with several other diseases that cause demyelination of the spinal cord.

Stem Cell and Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Treatment

While there are several different cells that have been shown to help with the treatment of multiple sclerosis symptoms, there is one that has been found to show more promise than the rest. The stem cell labeled CD34+ that can be found in embryonic tissue, umbilical cord blood and areas such as the bone marrow of an adult. This particular stem cell has the ability to migrate to the damaged areas and affect the necessary repairs.

Even more importantly is another cell known as CD133 that actually balance the immune system and has the ability to change into neuroprotective glia, oligodendrocytes and astrocytes. These are all cells that are capable of creating myelin. These two stem cells are a very potent combination that has been found to be very effective in the remyelination of the damaged spinal cord and brain covering.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Really Successful in Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Treatment?

Among those who have been involved in SC research, it has been found that the use of these stem cells has shown great promise. They have been found to help the human body in the repair of the glial cells that are damaged or completely destroyed by multiple sclerosis. It should also be noted that it is recommended that stem cell therapy be used in conjunction with other holistic approaches to providing successful treatment for MS.

Among the various forms of natural multiple sclerosis treatment recommendations are anti-virals, nutritional supplements, anti-oxidants, growth factors and heavy metal detoxification programs. Once you undergo stem cell treatment you will have to avoid products such as sodium glutamate, alcohol and cortisone which can inhibit stemcell regeneration. As stated success rates show promise and it is hoped that this form of treatment will soon become available in countries other than China, which is currently the only country offering it.

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