Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yeast Infection Symptoms Treatment - Self Help Methods

Most of the yeast infections are caused by candida, a microorganism, and treatment for such infections depends on the nature of its occurrence and the condition & sensitivity of your skin. The major symptom of the infection in your body starts with a red rash on your skin which may become scaly after sometime.
In this article, you'll discover the yeast infection symptoms treatment and remedies to take proper care of your skin and get rid of the infection.

Yeast Infection Symptoms Treatment at home

  • The first step towards curing the infection is to know and eliminate the reason for its occurrence. When your skin is sweaty, the sweat gets trapped in the skin folds, which should be immediately cleaned and dried to prevent it from being infected by yeasts. Nystatin powder, an anti-yeast product, can be used to treat and cure any condition of yeast in the skin. Similarly, for curing the oral thrush (yeast infection in the mouth), boric acid powder in the form of capsules can be used. Both Nystatin and boric acid capsules can be bought at your local pharmacy. The dosage per day depends on the condition of infection, so be careful not to take too much of them.
  • The best home remedy for the problem is the use of yogurt as it has live bacterial properties that can cure the infection. The good bacteria contained in the yogurt can restore your skin back to normal within a week if consumed with other effective treatment methods.

The above yeast infection symptoms treatment methods include antibiotics and natural methods, both work 100% well.

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