Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yeast Infection - Symptoms Treatment

You will generally find that the symptoms of a yeast infection will differ dependent on where on the body the infection is. Most people associate a yeast infection with the vagina of a woman but in actual fact the infection can occur on a man's penis in the same way as well as the breasts, in between rolls of fat on the body as well as under the fingernails as well.

When looking at a yeast infection symptoms treatment on a woman you will generally notice that the symptoms tend to be irritation of the area as well as a nasty discharge and also a fair bit of pain and swelling. The same symptoms have been noted on men as well and with regards to other areas of the body, the itching and pain will still be common.

There are a number of treatments that you can opt for if you have a yeast infection and some of these may be natural remedies while others will be over the counter versions that can be bought from pharmacies and other such places. More pronounced infections or those that do not go away with the usual treatment may also require topical creams or lotions that are prescribed by a medical professional as well as tablets that can be given, usually antibiotics.

Yeast infections have a nasty habit of coming back with a vengeance once you have experienced one at one point. For infections like these that return with no prior warning, it is very often a good idea to look preventative measures such as keeping the area clean and dry to make sure that the bacteria and fungus do not have the prime conditions.

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